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All our booking enquiries are processed online through our easy-to-use Event Planner system rather than over the phone, although we are always happy to discuss anything you need help with.
The reason for this is that every event, every venue and every client is different. There are many variables to take into account when calculating a quote.
We tailor every event to the client's personal requirements. This requires computer access and it's not always possible for us to be at a computer when you call.
Getting a quote is a simple, a short form provides us with all the information we need from you to give you an accurate quote based on your exact specifications for your event.
Once complete, a new Event Planner account is automatically created for you, from which we assess the information. We then email a quote for the event to you as soon as possible.
There is no obligation on your part to proceed with booking the event, but if, and when you are happy to do so, the instructions for what to do next are included with the quote.
There is no rush to make your decision, but obviously, we cannot hold the date you requested indefinitely, and other enquiries for the same date could come in at any time.
If you choose not to go ahead with the booking, we ask that you reply by email as soon as possible to let us know, so we can delete your event from the system and free up the date for someone else.
If we don't hear from you within 7 days of sending the quote, we will send a follow-up email to remind you.
If we've still had no reply from you after 14 days, we will send a final reminder.
No information that you provide will ever be used for any other purpose, or disclosed to any third party without your prior consent. Your privacy will always be treated with the utmost respect.

Please fill in the form as fully as possible.
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obligation by completing this form.

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